Comprehensive climate analysis for companies and organizations

We calculate the carbon footprints of companies and organizations and offer qualified support in the sustainability work so that the climate targets can be reached.

Results report

See how the emissions are distributed between categories and departments.

Decision support system

Explore the emissions and analyze the effects of various changes.

Expert help

Qualified support in the sustainability work and help with achieving set climate goals.

Carbon Intelligence System™

Ambitious climate targets often exist, but tools that can be used to measure the emissions and analyze what needs to be done to reach the goals often don’t. We have developed a unique climate service that we call Svalna’s Carbon Intelligence System™. It is a method that calculates the total climate impact using sophisticated technology. The results are presented in an interactive, graphical interface with powerful tools. We also offer qualified support with action analysis so that the climate targets can be reached.

How does it work?


Collection of financial data

Our solution quickly and automatically analyzes accounting data, regardless of the size of your organization. Safe, and with confidential handling of sensitive information.



The greenhouse gas emissions are calculated based on the amount of money spent in different purchasing categories. The results are verified by Svalna’s expert team.


Tailored delivery

In the form of reports, presentations and access to the decision-support system. We also offer qualified support in your sustainability work so that you can reach the climate goals.

Which features are offered?

Svalna’s Carbon Intelligence System™ categorizes, analyzes and calculates the carbon footprint of companies and organizations – and it’s quick, safe and automatic. The results are presented in an interactive, digital system with powerful tools that make it easier to achieve the climate targets.

Explore the emissions

Examine which purchases, departments and projects cause the largest climate impacts.

Set goals

Set long-term climate goals and analyze how much the emissions need to decrease over time.

Analyze trends

Follow the development over time and analyze the emissions associated with the current budget.

Get suggested actions

Analyze how various measures and policies affect the emissions, and get help with implementing changes.

Organizations that we have helped

"The team at Svalna is flexible to deal with, and they are development-oriented in this complex area with many challenges, in my experience."

Anna Gustafsson

Senior Coordinator at Linköping University

“Working together with the Svalna team was creative and engaging. Svalna considered our needs, and also proposed ideas that improved the result. The end-product was better than expected, and it is clear that they are committed to the climate issue.”

Viktor Lundborg

Environmental Controller at Stockholm University

Engage the employees in the transition

Interested in increasing your coworkers’ awareness of low-carbon lifestyles and inspire them to take action and reduce their emissions? We have a proven concept! Svalna’s app for private consumers can be used to involve the whole company in fun and educational "Climate Step competitions"! We also offer tailor-made workshops and seminars in the areas of climate and sustainability.

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