Carbon calculator

Do as 18,000 other Swedes and calculate your carbon footprint with Svalna’s carbon calculator – a research-based climate service based on unique technology that helps you track and cut your emissions. Download the app today!

Why should I calculate my carbon footprint?

Because the greenhouse gas emissions need to decrease, and everyone needs to pull their weight. An average person in Sweden emits about 8 tons of CO2e per year – that’s 8 times more than the 1.5-degree target allows (The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, 2020). Our app gives you the tools and knowledge needed for reducing your emissions. With a neat design and opportunities to interact with other users, it is also both fun and engaging to use.

What our users say

“It was nice to not have to fill in all the information and try to remember all the purchases from a year ago that other carbon calculators had me to. With Svalna, I could just log in with eID and see my emissions quickly and easily.”


“Svalna has made me understand the links between my consumption and my emissions, and which lifestyle choices that matter the most. The app also makes it easy for me to see if I stay within my emission target.”


Do you accept the challenge?

78% of Swedes believe they could reduce their emissions, but 58% don’t know how (Gullers Grupp, 2018). Calculate your carbon footprint with Svalna’s app and find out what you can do today. Together we can change the world. One step at a time.

Measure your emissions

Connect with eID and measure your impact in real-time. Explore the emissions and find out what matters.

Join groups

Join groups and adopt common goals. Inspire each other and reduce the emissions together.

Compare yourself

See how your emissions compare to other Svalna users in Sweden or in your city.

Establish a goal

Set an emission target and get tailored suggestions on how to reduce your emissions and reach the target.

Keep track of your emissions!

Bring Svalna to work!

Svalna’s app can also be used for organizing fun and educational "Climate Step competitions" at your workplace. We also offer tailor-made seminars and workshops in the areas of climate and sustainability. In addition, we map sustainable lifestyles in collaboration with municipalities and inspire people to adopt environmentally-friendly habits.

Climate analysis for companies and organizations

Do you want to support your employer in the transition to a low-carbon future? Let us assist! We offer comprehensive climate analysis for companies and organizations, and qualified support with action analysis so that the climate targets can be reached.

How does the carbon calculator work?

Connect the app to your bank and fill in a short questionnaire about how you live, eat, travel and consume. All purchases made with your bank card are automatically categorized based on where you shop. Emissions are calculated based on money spent in different purchasing categories. The emission factors we use are based on Statistics Sweden’s environmental accounts and are average measures of climate impact per monetary unit.

Why do we use transaction data?

Because it enables quick and reliable climate analysis! By retrieving data directly from the bank, we don’t miss any purchases and you don’t need to fill in long questionnaires about all your purchases. The unique, automated technology in combination with a short survey about your lifestyle makes it easy and straightforward to measure the emissions.

How do we handle your data?

Svalna collects data from your bank in a safe way via a security-certified service provided by Tink AB. All security solutions are certified, and all data traffic is encrypted. You can terminate your account at Svalna at any time. If you do, all your information is permanently deleted from our systems.

More about data security

Download the app today and start tracking your emissions!