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Svalna is a science-based climate service developed by researchers. We conduct our own research and collaborate with other researchers to learn more about sustainable lifestyles and develop smart, digital services that help individuals, companies and organizations reduce their emissions. Read more about what we can offer you as a researcher!

Get access to our database with consumption data

Many Svalna users have low emissions and smart strategies for living sustainably, and 50% of them allow that researchers use their data for research studies. That makes it possible to study sustainable lifestyles, support behavioral change, and inspire more people to adopt low-carbon habits. Researchers can access our database – contact us for more information.

Recruit participants to research studies

Our research app can be used for recruiting participants to studies on consumption and behavior. Various recruitment solutions are offered, as well as opportunities to test different treatments, including recruitment of control group. The solution is safe both for you as a researcher, and the study participants. The app can also be used to conduct surveys.

Features and solutions

GDPR-compliant data

All our solutions are safety certified

Consumption data from the bank

Expenses per category and day based on transaction data

Carbon footprint

Calculated using Svalna’s unique methodology

Control group and baseline

Meaningful comparisons between people and over time

Representative selection

Recruit a representative selection of participants in our app

Recruitment and survey

Enroll participants and conduct surveys

“Svalna’s solutions create great opportunities for research on sustainable consumption. The Svalna team developed a very good solution for our experiment. It is also nice to work with a company that understands and cares about the details. I can warmly recommend Svalna as a research partner.”

Fredrik Carlsson

Professor, Gothenburg School of Business, University of Gothenburg

Ongoing research projects

We work to spread our gathered knowledge among researchers, decision makers and the general public. Below you can read more about the research projects that we participate in right now.

Project: Behavioral science initiatives to reduce individual's carbon footprint

This project contributes with academic knowledge by developing methods and tools to better understand and map the climate impacts of Swedish citizens. The project evaluates, among other things, the effect that information about carbon footprint in combination with behavioral controls has on individuals' consumption behavior and lifestyle. The ambition is that new insights will contribute to future solutions for more sustainable consumption. The project is mainly carried out at the University of Gothenburg.

Project: Measuring the direct and indirect climate impact of four low-carbon lifestyle choices

Consumers need to change their behavior and habits for the two-degree target to be reached. This study investigates the effect of four commonly identified low-carbon lifestyle choices that many households could potentially adopt to substantially cut the emissions:1) not flying, 2) not owning a car, 3) living in an apartment, and 4) eating vegan. The results show that the four lifestyle choices are related to substantial reductions in the carbon footprints. The project is mainly carried out at Chalmers University of Technology. It started in 2020 and is expected to continue until the end of 2022.

Project: Measuring the carbon footprints of businesses using their financial accounts

In this project, which began in 2020 and runs until the end of 2022, we explore the possibilities of calculating the carbon footprints of companies and organizations based on accounting data and business-specific emission data. The project includes the development of a web-based decision support system for simple analysis of emissions - this is what has become our Carbon Intelligence System! The project is expected to contribute to the transition to more climate-smart activities, a more resource-efficient society, a phasing out of fossil fuels and a higher chance of achieving set climate goals. The project is co-financed by the Swedish Energy Agency and carried out by us at Svalna.

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